Granola the way you like it.

Our products are priced so that if you buy 3 bags or more, after we add the cost of shipping, a bag of our granola costs about the same as the price you would pay at the grocery store, and sometimes less. A six pack shipped anywhere in the country costs about $6.17 per bag delivered to your door. Three bags works out to about $6.65 per bag, including the cost of shipping.
If we get your order by middle of the day on the east coast, we can usually get it in the mail the same day. Otherwise, we promise to get it in the mail the next business day. Either way, we will send you a confirmation email when we ship.  Customers tell us our package almost always arrives within two days after placing the order. So browse our store, place an order, and we will ship our granola right to your door!

2-DAY SHIPPING included on all Six Packs!

**All of our granola is non-GMO and naturally gluten-free!

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