Small Batch, Hand-baked Granola

Perfect for breakfast, before or after a workout,
on the go or at the office 

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Welcome to Kelly's Four Plus

People tell us that Four Plus is hands down the best granola they have ever tasted.  
They describe it as fresh and natural, light, not too dry and crunchy, not too sweet.  
Try Four Plus Granola and taste granola the way you like it!

What our customers say

I have been purchasing and eating granola for over a decade. I stumbled upon Kelly's Four Plus Granola. It is the best Granola I have ever tasted and have been buying hundreds of pounds for myself and friends ever since.

Not only its taste is incomparable to all others I have tasted (even smaller more expensive brands), but its ingredients are perfectly calibrated for a healthful diet.

Cody Franchetti

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